Our Guide to Influencer and UGC Marketing: Creating Authenticity On Social Media

Influencer & UGC Marketing

When it comes to social media, every brand is fighting for a moment in the noise. Tactics that have taken marketing by storm are the use of Influencer Marketing and User-generated content or UGC Marketing. Appearing to your customers and audience authentically has its challenges. Consumers think of influencers as friends who know exactly what you […]

8 Tips To Create A Long-Lasting Social Media Strategy

8 Tips To Create A Long-Lasting Social Media Strategy

Social media is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy, but keeping your social media efforts focused and running smoothly can be challenging. You may be trying to manage too many platforms at once, or your social media efforts may not be reaching the right people. The good news is that there are some […]

Social Media Marketing Explained

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Although opinions today on social media vary, it’s hard to deny how truly powerful the digital and social realms are. More than half the world uses social media and with 5.29 billion unique mobile phone users, two-thirds of the world have access to the internet in some way. Brands need to utilise these platforms and […]