Digital Marketing DIY or Hire

Digital Marketing DIY or Hire

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Digital marketing: it’s our favourite word. There is no denying that in today’s day, in a post-Covid world, having your business online is of the utmost importance. More and more people are going online, not only to shop but to find vital information about the products they are purchasing and the brands they are purchasing from. Digital marketing allows your brand to provide that vital information when your customers need it, right in the palm of their hands. Implementing digital marketing strategies can be a tricky task and detrimental if done wrong but, once mastered, can reap countless rewards for your business. Let us help you decide whether to take on the task yourself or hire an expert. We’ve created a list of digital marketing: DIY or hire pros and cons.

Why Digital Marketing is Non-Negotiable in a Post-Covid World

In the age of ubiquitous connectivity, the importance of digital marketing is self-evident. Businesses now operate in a world where consumers spend a significant amount of their time online. Whether they are shopping, seeking information about products, or researching the brands they’re interested in, consumers are increasingly relying on digital channels for these activities. Digital marketing equips your business with the tools to meet your consumers where they are—right at their fingertips. The post-Covid landscape has only intensified this shift, making it an absolute imperative for businesses to have a robust online presence. Digital marketing enables you to provide timely and essential information to your audience, enhancing customer experience and ultimately driving conversions.

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Running a business isn’t easy and it’s always awesome to see business owners winning in their social game. Handling your digital marketing yourself means that you can save on agency fees and you know your business inside and out and what your customers want. Doing it yourself can also be so fun and allows you to learn a new skill. On the downside, can take months and even years, to gain the expertise and experience needed to perfect your digital strategies and campaigns. The digital landscape is changing so rapidly, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to keep up, especially if your digital skills are not advanced. Implementing digital marketing strategies is a time-consuming job. Balancing marketing with running a company can be challenging and can cause either to get neglected.

                            Hiring a Digital Marketing Expert


  • Expertise: The most obvious benefit is the level of expertise you’re purchasing. A digital marketing professional is well-versed in all aspects of the field, from SEO and PPC to content marketing and data analytics.
  • Time-Saving: Experts handle most, if not all, of the planning, execution, and monitoring of your digital campaigns, freeing you up to focus on running your business.
  • Strategic Partnership: A good marketing consultant or agency functions as a strategic partner. They not only execute tasks but also provide valuable advice and bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table.


  • Cost: Expertise comes at a price. Hiring a professional agency or consultant can be a significant investment.
  • Lack of Personal Touch: No one can represent your brand quite the way you can. Even the most skilled consultant will never fully emulate your voice or vision.
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Should You DIY or Hire?

Unfortunately, no amount of research or any blog post you read will be able to tell you whether hiring an expert or doing it yourself is the best way. That decision will always be yours. There is no right or wrong choice, only what is right or wrong for you. If you decide to hire an expert, be sure to consult with at least two or three companies and only choose a consultant or agency that you feel good about. It is also always a possibility to hire an in-house marketer to handle all your digital needs.

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