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Although opinions today on social media vary, it’s hard to deny how truly powerful the digital and social realms are. More than half the world uses social media and with 5.29 billion unique mobile phone users, two-thirds of the world have access to the internet in some way. Brands need to utilise these platforms and the customers using them. Social Media Marketing includes all the activities associated with promoting products or services on social media platforms. Tailored content is created for a particular brand to drive engagement and increase conversions. It allows a brand to connect with its audience to help them understand its particular products or services better. With paid social advertising and great insights provided, it’s clear to see why social media marketing is essential.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Without a strategy, you are likely to waste your time, energy and resources. A sound social media marketing strategy helps to get the right people, to look at the right content, at the right time. A good strategy has clear goals, specific plans and metrics to focus on. Regardless of your goals or industry, your strategy should be data-driven and aligned. Research your customers and competitors. Gather real-world data about who your audience is, where they live, which languages they speak and how they interact with your brand on social media. A competitive analysis will help you understand who your biggest competition is and what they’re doing well or not well. These analyses will help you spot opportunities, keep track of the industry and spot shifts. Having a great brand identity will also help tremendously when it comes to creating your content.

Content Creation

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Good content creation begins way before any content is even created. Have a game plan to know what content you are going to publish based on your goals, audience and brand identity. Your content should be relevant, engaging and consistent across all platforms. Content calendars and scheduling tools all go a long way to simplifying the content creation process. 

Listen & Engage

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As your brand grows its social presence, more customers and users will interact and engage with your pages. Social media posts comments, tags & direct messages need to be responded to or reacted to. Monitor social conversations, and respond to all positive and negative comments. Using a social media listening and engagement tool will help integrate all the content and conversations your brand gets mentioned in, even posts you haven’t been tagged in. Listen and plan content around what your users want to know, what they’re interested in and what hasn’t been spoken about before. This will also help you determine new trends, identify new streams of income and gain important industry insights.

Analyse & Report

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The importance of tracking your metrics lies in analysing the data and being able to adjust and formulate your future strategy accordingly. Within each social platform analytics tools are available and reports can be created. This helps to identify what types of content do well, which campaigns aren’t doing so well and allows you to test strategies against one another. The rate of change is rapid in the digital landscape it’s imperative to keep ahead. Analytics will also allow you to understand user behaviour better, find which platforms are working for your brand and analyse your competitors.

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Paid social media advertising allows your brand to reach much larger audiences and target content towards them based on specific demographics, interests and behaviours. This means your post or ad is shown to all those who fall within the demographic at a particular time and place. Social ads can drive traffic to your website, increase conversions and boost platform engagement. 

Maximising Business Growth: The Strategic Advantage of Partnering with Something Social Marketing

At Something Social Marketing, we understand the dynamic nature of today’s digital commerce landscape. Our mission is straightforward: to propel your business growth through bespoke marketing strategies. Our services span a wide range, including Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO, and Website Development and Design, all aimed at maximising your ROI. Our unique blend of creativity and analytics sets us apart; we handle everything from audience engagement to crisis management in social media, freeing you to concentrate on your core business activities. In Paid Advertising, we’re committed to ensuring that your budget works as a strategic investment. We meticulously research and conduct A/B testing to lower your Customer Acquisition Cost while boosting your Customer Lifetime Value.

We also excel in SEO, ensuring your business maintains a strong online presence. Our expertise extends to Website Development and Design, focusing on creating user-friendly, engaging websites that enhance customer retention. What truly differentiates us is our emphasis on actionable results. We steer clear of vanity metrics, focusing on meaningful KPIs, and provide transparent reporting to empower you with the insights needed for data-driven decisions. If you aim to not just keep up with digital trends but to lead the field, we are the strategic partner that can drive your business towards unprecedented growth.

Whether you are new in the digital game or a seasoned social media marketer, this blog on social media management will be sure to help you ace your strategy. Interested in a free, non-committal chat about your digital strategy? Pop us a mail at admin@somethingsocial.co.za and we’ll contact you!🌿

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