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Our Top 6 Website Tips for All Business Types

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We all know the importance of having a website for your brand or business in 2022, regardless of size, industry, profitability or brand. A website is the digital home of your brand and the place many of your customers will decide whether or not to support you. 

Having a website increases your brand credibility, it acts as a place to funnel social media users & other digital platforms users and increases your chances of getting leads. And, if you have a well-designed and optimised site, your site is more likely to show up in Google search results increasing organic traffic.

A well-established website that’s designed and optimised well can save you loads of time and money. Here are some of our top tips for your website, regardless of the type of business you own.

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1. Have a website plan

One of the surest ways to have a website that is well functioning and has the right information for your target audience is by having a website strategy. Think about who you are, what you are wanting to achieve in your business, who your customers are and what you want to tell them (and sell them). This will give you insight into the right structure and flow to use in your site and where to use your copy, images & design.

2. It’s all in the set-up

When creating a website or even doing a refresh, ensuring you ace your set-up is the first step to success. Have a simple, sensible web address and a clear description of who you are and what exactly you do. We also suggest having a well designed and aesthetically pleasing logo to really set your brand apart.

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3. Design do’s

Keep it simple. Make sure your menus, images, copy and elements are simple, easy to see & read and flow well. This is where many companies go wrong, they overcomplicate their site making it chaotic for users to get the information they are seeking about you. We love adding fun design animations to our site elements too, these really make the website more interactive. And don’t forget your call-to-actions!

4. Optimise 

There’s a magical thing called Google that crawls many website sitemaps and ranks them according to how well a site is optimised and how popular it is. Having a good search optimisation plugin will help you set up the optimisation settings on your site and on each of your pages & products. 

Google also loves fresh content being shared on your site that is relevant, valuable and consistent. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the way to get your site ranking up on the search results pages.

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5. Content is crucial

Many companies will so often have a big, beautiful & well-functioning website up and running and then completely forget about it. Google loves when sites are regularly updated with content that is interesting and value-adding for its users and is of good quality. Incorporate a blog, update a gallery or connect your social media feeds here.

6. Be mobile responsive

More than half of Google searches are done on mobile phones these days which is why it’s imperative to make sure your site is mobile-responsive. We love website builders like Elementor which have built-in capabilities to change all your site elements according to device size. This is where simplicity really is key.

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Maximising Business Growth: The Strategic Advantage of Partnering with Something Social Marketing

At Something Social Marketing, we understand the dynamic nature of today’s digital commerce landscape. Our mission is straightforward: to propel your business growth through bespoke marketing strategies. Our services span a wide range, including Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO, and Website Development and Design, all aimed at maximising your ROI. Our unique blend of creativity and analytics sets us apart; we handle everything from audience engagement to crisis management in social media, freeing you to concentrate on your core business activities. In Paid Advertising, we’re committed to ensuring that your budget works as a strategic investment. We meticulously research and conduct A/B testing to lower your Customer Acquisition Cost while boosting your Customer Lifetime Value.

We also excel in SEO, ensuring your business maintains a strong online presence. Our expertise extends to Website Development and Design, focusing on creating user-friendly, engaging websites that enhance customer retention. What truly differentiates us is our emphasis on actionable results. We steer clear of vanity metrics, focusing on meaningful KPIs, and provide transparent reporting to empower you with the insights needed for data-driven decisions. If you aim to not just keep up with digital trends but to lead the field, we are the strategic partner that can drive your business towards unprecedented growth.

Creating a website really shouldn’t have to be a big mission. Following and exploring these tips further really do have the capability of making your site a lead & conversion-generating machine. Click here to find out more about our website design services or pop us a mail at admin@somethingsocial.co.za to get in touch. 

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